worst church junk of the month award

as if heavenly images wasn’t bad enough, i just received this from the hilarious and blogless steve case. steve points out a couple very troubling facts:
1. there’s a glow around ‘the king’, but not around ‘the King’ (ooh, look at that, i put a cap in there — be happy, scot mcknight)
2. isn’t that the elvis from the photo with nixon?
3. they’re out of stock???!!!


8 thoughts on “worst church junk of the month award”

  1. I just did a whole velvet Elvis lesson with my youth the other night. (Based on Rob Bell’s introduction). I made my group paint their own Velvet Elvis (we used black construction paper) and then they had to talk about thier faith as if it were a velvet Elvis painting. The two most interesting comments I got were: “My dad won’t let me hang my velvet elvis in the house.” and “My friend’s velvet elvis keeps telling her that my velvet elvis is ugly.”

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