worst church signs

yup, you’ve seen ’em. tacky church signs with sappy or stupid or embarassing slogans. you’ve even seen the church sign generator, where you can make your own jpeg images of whatever you want on a sign (fool your grandma with signs like this…)


but here’s a website with real crummy church signs. there’s a bunch of sections to this site (including a blog and a trophy room), but my favorite is the “hall of shame“. you gotta read this. the commentary is priceless.

(ht to think christian)

4 thoughts on “worst church signs”

  1. My 10 year old son and I were driving through town not long ago when he burst out in laughter. When asked what was so funny, he pointed to a church sign that read “Why pray when you can worry?” He said to me, “mom, do those people need Jesus or what?” true… true.

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