worst jesus junk of the month award

you gotta give props to the fine people at heavenly images. they’ve found a way to use photoshop (or something similar) to make truly awful, yet sell-able, jesus-y family keepsakes. i’m tempted to get one for the fun of it!

(ht to len evans)

8 thoughts on “worst jesus junk of the month award”

  1. Marko,

    LOL. I had the same Jesus Junk Award on my blog (ht to you for the title) with the Heavenly images a few days ago. It is terribly hilarious. Hey, would love for you to check out my new blog too http://uthpastor.typepad.com . I got your blog linked on there already. Hope you are doing well and finally done with some of the travel troubles for a little while.

  2. The unfortunate part is that it they seem to be breaking the law with this. Many of the photos in the ‘samples’ section are professional photographs, meaning they are protected from copyright law. On the order form, I saw no mention of having to include a ‘Release’ from the photographer or studio.

    United States Copyright Laws

  3. So I love that all of the family members are white. It’s a good thing since Jesus was obviously white with brown hair! yuck

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