10 thoughts on “wow, it’s mega-band reunion week”

  1. I love it that you think the Rage reunion is as cool as I do. They are on my short list of “bands I never saw but always wish that I did” It takes all my will power to turn them down when they come on the radio when my kids are in the car.

  2. lars — i have actually asked my kids, when a rage song comes on the radio, if they would mind us all pausing the conversation for a moment, while i crank this one particular, most excellent song.

  3. I saw Rage three times – once at the Palladium in 1992 and once on the second stage at Lollapalooza 2. The other was a lame opening set for U2. They blow your mind live. Unbridled energy and passion on stage that makes your heart race and your fist raise in an almost involuntary way. Definitely go to the show. Plus, there are rumors the Police might do Coachella as well.

  4. great stuff…with exception of that led zep article…

    That article comes from The Sun’s October 14, 2002 edition, which obviously means it’s not current events. So unless it’s taken these three more than four years to get their [stuff] together, we’re guessing the opportunity has since passed.

  5. Marko- Once again I am glad you are my friend. There are few people in ministry with the freedom to admit that. Of course my 19 month old daughter bangs her head to whatever I’ve got on the radio. My boys though are probably not ready to Kill in the name of…….:)

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