yesterday was my last day at ys…

…for over a month.

i’m taking the entire month of august off. i haven’t had a month off since i was, maybe, 14 years-old! and i have fantastic plans.
week one: home. sit by pool. do jobs around the house (like, um, putting our xmas boxes away). take the kids to a movie. go to mexico for lobster with friends.
week two: camping (our family and another family) in Big Sur, Cali, at this campground.
week three: 5 days of personal spiritual retreat on the island of guernsey, off the coast of france. a friend of mine is the exec director of Les Cotils, a retreat center on the island, and i’m swapping some youth ministry training for a week’s accomodations and a flight from london.
week four: speak at SoulSurvivor in the UK. i’m only speaking twice, so my five days there will be reasonably chill.
week five: back home again — kids will be in school by this point, so jeannie and i can have some nice day-dates.

then, i head to our convention in mendoza, argentina, the first week of august.

so i don’t head back to the office until something like september 8. feels a bit weird, on one hand. but after the wonderful (and occasionally difficult) craziness of the past 20 months, i think this will be just what the doctor (or the holy spirit) ordered!

some weeks (like this coming one) will allow for blogging; others won’t (like the week of camping).

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