6 thoughts on “yet another reason to be proud of my birth city”

  1. which came first, #1 & #10 safest city OR one of the countries most recognized churches.

    (( in case you don’t get what i’m saying, Mission Viejo and Lake Forrest California are two of the cities that Saddleback Church minister to. ))

  2. Camden, NJ used to have that honor. Ah, those were the days.

    And we were all quite excited to go to NYWC when we heard St Louis was the most dangerous at the time. Great fun adventure.

  3. detroit has had that honor several times before, hasn’t it? i lived in the inner city there for a few months in 87 and i seem to remember it being ranked pretty high then too.

  4. dang when did camden loose out? i grew up down the road from there and actually would go there for odd things which made me feel tougher than i actually was. bummer..

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