ym 3.0 frustration

i loved what kurt johnston wrote about youth ministry 3.0 on his blog yesterday:

On the flight home from Sacramento yesterday I devoured Mark Oestreicher’s new book, “Youth Ministry 3.0”. If you work with students, you simply must read this book.

I say this not because I agree with everything Mark writes (in fact there is much in the book I don’t agree with) but because it is a book that forces you to think about how you are doing ministry and to wonder if there might be a better approach to traditional youth ministry than doing it traditionally (my paraphrase, not his words).

Youth Ministry 3.0 encouraged me, frustrated me, challenged me and prodded me, and I hope it will do the same to you!

btw — i keep getting contacted by people who are confused by the fact that amazon says the book isn’t releasing until february. we cranked this book out as a wedgie, and dropped it into our release schedule. so it officially releases into bookstores (which amazon counts as) in the new year. but it’s available as a direct release now, on the ys site.

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  1. it should be available now, or in the next couple weeks. that ‘available in feb 2009’ must be an automatic thing that filled in due to the bookstore release schedule.

  2. well, shoot. i was seriously misinformed! the book is ONLY available this fall at the conventions (including the canadian event). orders can be placed online for it now, but won’t be fulfilled until january. dang!!

  3. I’m going to buy a bunch of copies at the Pittsburgh NYWC and then resell them on Ebay as special collector’s edition pre-releases for triple the cover price. I’m totally going to get crazy rich and then finally buy a PS3.

  4. Yeah, I was thinking that was true because YS were the ones who told me that it was on back order until next year….I was very confused. I am going to the Nashville NYWC….so I guess I will cancel my order and purchase the book there.

    The weird part though is that it was in the catalog

  5. When will it be available in an electronic format for devices like the Kindle and the Sony eReaders?

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