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the ongoing confusion (mine, at least) of when my new book, youth ministry 3.0, will be available continues. i had originally understood that we were cranking it out in time for the conventions this fall, and that it would be in bookstores in jan or feb. but i assumed that meant it would also be available now for direct purchase off the ys and zondervan websites.

last week i found i was wrong about that assumption, and that it would ONLY be available in the store at the conventions (something about how the system is set up, there was no way to take orders until it’s also available for stores).

but, then, someone at ys who works on these things emailed to say there may be a work-around, and she was looking into it.

to top it off: i have a google alert on my name (so i can see if people post nasty things about me!), and today i got a notification that amazon had a new page for the book. when i clicked through, i found it was for the kindle download of the book, and that it was available now. i tried the little “free sample” push to my kindle, which i just happened to have with me, and it worked. (ironically, the cover is there on the amazon kindle page also, but not on for the physical book.)

so, i’m still not sure if the physical book will be available anywhere other than the ys conventions this fall; but, if you happen to have a kindle, you can get it from amazon! for the record, amazon still says the physical book isn’t being released until feb (which, i think, is accurate for their orders, even if the ys web store finds a work-around, which i will be sure to mention here if it does!).

the free kindle sample, from amazon, btw, is the cover copy, intro, and the foreword by kenda dean (so it doesn’t actually include any words i wrote other than the acknowledgements!).


i’ve found out the book is available on multiple e-reader formats, on these four sites:

amazon (for kindle)

sony e-reader store



i’m told it will be available on the symtio site soon also. sweet!

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  1. I was wondeirn when it would come out. What if we have preordered from ys online? Just wondering if I can cancel and get it at ys or should I keep it or what? :-)

  2. Bummer about the release date. I have a youth director’s retreat next week and I was hoping to buy several copies to give to the attendees. I’ll still buy a bunch when it does release though.

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