ym3.0 in youthworker journal

youth worker journal excerpted my new book, youth ministry 3.0, in the current issue. i just sent them the whole manuscript, and they pieced together an article of the length they wanted from all over the book. so it’s a bit choppy in bits, but i’m really pleased that they were willing to do this! it’s a bit like looking at a series of polaroid snap-shots from different sections of the book, but still gives a good overview sense of the themes.

read the whole article, online, here.

or, get the whole book here.
or, the kindle version here.
or, the sony reader version here.

5 thoughts on “ym3.0 in youthworker journal”

  1. Just got the book yesterday and devoured it. I have hope for this book being an element or possible catalyst for change in youth ministries. I found myself asking questions that I thought needed to be answered for my own ministry to continue. Thanks for the spark!

  2. I read the article. It sounds great. Really. this is exactly where I feel youth ministry is going and needs to go. kudos to you Mr. Ostriescherfnshotms

  3. Just finished the book, have some def thoughts on it. I can’t wait to write to process them and share them with you.

  4. Read the article and copied it for my youth workers (oh, boy, did I just admit to a copyright violation?) Anyway, I’ll be buying the book now, looking forward to reading it.

  5. Just got it the other day and I’ve read about half of it. I have a few questions for you, but I will wait until I finish the book before I ask.

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