ym3.0 soon available in stores

youth ministry 3.0 should be in stores within the next month (which also means it will be available on amazon). of course, it’s been available on the ys site for a few months, as well as at our events. and amazon and other e-book sites have had e-book versions for download.

but i just noticed that amazon has 2 copies available through amazon’s marketplace resellers. here’s the funny bit:
– one is selling a copy for $7.50 (plus $3.99 shipping)
– and the other is selling a copy for $88.50 (plus $3.99 shipping)

gee, that’s a big difference! i wonder if there’s something special about that one copy that i don’t know about! maybe it actually has some answers in it!

4 thoughts on “ym3.0 soon available in stores”

  1. I’ve always wondered what publishing companies like YS thinks about places like amazon where you can buy used copies for cheap.

  2. I buy from used book sellers on Amazon.com, Half.com and Abebooks.com a lot and I’ve always noticed that there will often be one priced 8-10 times more than the others and wonder what’s up with that. My guess is that people put books listed way high like that in the oft chance that someone will bite (maybe even by accident). Crazy.

  3. I’m hoping it’s a typo – somebody hit 8 twice – but I know better and think Howie’s right.

    Either that or…somebody took the time to hunt down all of the people whose responses were included and got their signatures. I know better than that too but that would be kind of fun. Not worth $90 but still fun.

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