young teens are fascists

an excerpt from nerds.jpgNerds: Who They Are and Why We Need More of Them, by David Anderegg.

young teenagers are fascists. the whole issue of “popularity” in middle school is a yawning gulf of misery for most people, at least when viewed in memory. that’s because kids in middle school are, in a social sense, fascists. conformity rises to a peak in kids roughly from the ages of ten to thirteen, and desirability of all kinds is rigidly circumscribed by what is seen as “normal.” the reasons for this are unclear, but it may have to do with puberty itself: the physical changes of puberty do not appear at the same time for all kids, and they are all in a state of suspended animation waiting for this to happen. while they wait, and since they cannot impose any regularity on their bodies, they impose a rigid regularity on each other. although this social hazing now starts earlier and earlier, seventh grade is the peak. it is a time in most kids’ lives when being different from the agreed-on norm is an absolute guarantee of social death.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Teens do all of the following:
    *Beat/assault those seen as different by their collective group
    *Call those in their school and even on the streets names like fag and queer
    *Have no respect for the human rights of those physically weaker than them
    *Are heavily militant and abrasive toward others
    *Harass those seen as different by phone, text message, email, instant messaging and in person
    *Alienate and ostracize those seen as different or weaker

    It has been a long time since I have seen one good teenager who behaves differently than what I wrote above. The culture of teenagers is incredibly militant and caustic. It reminds me of the feeling I got when I tried to substitute rubbing alcohol for listerine; HORRIBLY BITTER and painful.

  2. I would rather drink rubbing alcohol than listen to rap and hip hop, which is the culture of teens these days. I would rather lick the sewers than talk to a teenager. I would rather drink raw sewage than dress the way teens dress. The teens of previous generations were so much better than the teens of today. This is just an exaggeration. I would not actually drink rubbing alcohol or raw sewage, but I would also never conform to the culture of teenagers. Every generation of teens has its problems, but the problem teens have today is inexcusable. They have a problem with the WORLD. If you even look at them wrong, they get hostile with you. They are hostile period.

  3. Didn’t the Nazis harass and intimidate gays? Didn’t they also beat and persecute them? More than half of the teens in any high school will do the same and more to gays. The rest will never stand up for the human rights of gays. I do not condone the gay lifestyle, but then I would not persecute gays for it. The few who do stand up for human rights get called homophobic names and assaulted too. Gays are human beings the same as everyone else in their schools. Teachers need the right to paddle bullies the way they did back in the 1930s without the risk of being sued. I would go so far as to say that teachers should have the right to take a billy stick o the bullies.

  4. This is advice to parents who have kids who are being bullied. Reign hell on earth down on the bullies’ heads. Kick their fascist asses from east to west coast and back again. Pursue them out of the country and make sure they never come back. Teach the whole bullying community a valuable lesson.

  5. The only good teenager is one who is being rejected or bullied by the larger whole. The rest can go to hell.

  6. There was an article in my local paper that said that roughly half of American teens admit to bullying others.

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