youth ministry 3.0 at princeton

so, a little bird informed me that kenda dean had all her ph.d. students at princeton read the manuscript of my book (releasing in october), youth ministry 3.0. and they’re having a discussion about it on wednesday. i’m concurrently flattered, intrigued, and a bit freaked out!

i think i’d like to be a fly on the wall during the discussion, unless they all think it’s the most absurd book they’ve ever read!



7 thoughts on “youth ministry 3.0 at princeton”

  1. Great campus that is.. I live in NJ Mark, maybe I’ll drop by the class to see what they are talking about.. :)

  2. Marko — Yes, definitely let us know the results of this conversation! All this good stuff going on at PTS… almost makes me wish I were back there studying again. Almost :)

  3. If there is one word I would use to describe Kenda’s scholarship and teaching it would be generosity. As a former research assistant to Kenda, she always lifts up the positive first and then usually stays there. Plus, she and I have agreed a few times that YS brings to the table a check and balance to what PTS IYM brings to the table. All in all a great thing. Plus…she’s got a new book in the pipes too…you’ll get your chance soon enough :)

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