youth ministry 3.0 now in bookstores

we cranked out my book, youth ministry 3.0, in time to have a direct-only release at the youth specialties conventions this past fall, then added it to our ys web store also. but now it’s finally available in christian bookstores, as well as amazon. and, while i doubt you’d find it in many mainstream bookstores (like borders or barnes & noble), it should be available for order at those stores.

if you’ve read the book, would you consider adding a review to the amazon page? so many of you have posted reviews on blogs. it would be peachy if you could copy-and-paste those reviews into an amazon review.

and, a little funny bit: i had a funny exchange with reader jason chenoweth who’d wished, on one hand, that the book was more prescriptive, but ultimately understood why it couldn’t be. when he wrote something like, “i wish it had all the details on how to make youth ministry 3.0 a success,” i jokingly responded with, “hey, that could be the next book!” he mocked up a funny little “youth ministry 3.3” cover with that new subtitle, which i’m posting here. notice the pricing on the cover: “suggested retail price – $500. amazon kindle version – $9.95”

3 thoughts on “youth ministry 3.0 now in bookstores”

  1. I might be missing something here…but…why does your picture of the cover say Youth Ministry 3.3? Am I seeing things?

  2. DOH! Sorry marko, nothing like disregarding the last paragraph. BTW, the book has helped my church leadership understand that youth ministry is not all about programs and numbers; it’s about the relationships you make with students. It’s a blessing to have somebody agree with my thoughts and opinions on the state of youth ministry.

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