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  1. mark,

    i dittoed your sigh this morning when I saw it. I also sighed when the person that showed me and asked me about who that guy was was a person who is searching for God and was very turned off by what was said in the article. Her comment was “so God to them is a touchy feely song and some guy scary them into something”. What a comment….


  2. Our evangelism elder had sent this article to me already this morning. Sigh.
    So if “perfect love drives out fear” and “The one who fears is not made perfect in love” (1 John 4:18) and a culture of fear is driving at least one significant segment of the evangelical community concerning youth ministry, what spirit is that?
    Just wondering.

  3. Regardless of whether the predictions are acurate or not; I find the tone of the article interesting… it almost seems as though the author is excited and happy about youth not connecting with God and falling away from the church.

  4. I by only 4% of teens will turn into “Bible-beliving Christians” they mean only 4% of kids will develop identical theologies and cultural opinions to the pollsters, the Luces and the Fallwells then I guess I could buy it…and accept that it’s probably a good thing..

  5. I saw this in my email and on several blogs today. So what did I do? I blogged about it and compared it to the National Study on Youth and Religion.

    It doesn’t add up at all.


  6. I saw this article, saw that it was from NY Times, and groaned mightily.

    Agree with Jason. None of this correlates with NSYR data.

    Agreed with MarkO, not even enough energy to blog about this nonsense.

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