Youth Ministry Coaching Program update

ymcp leafi’m thrilled with the continued development and organic growth of The Youth Cartel’s Youth Ministry Coaching Program. really, it’s our oldest initiative, now entering its 4th year (it actually started before The Youth Cartel officially existed). cohorts who have completed their year-long journey:

  • San Diego 2010
  • Nashville 2010
  • San Diego 2011
  • Nashville 2011
  • NC UMC 2012
  • TX Episcopalians 2012
  • YMCPv (online) West 2012
  • YMCPv East 2012
  • Ward Church (custom cohort) 2012
  • Calgary 2012
  • Nashville 2013

one of the really cool things about these cohorts is that each of them is an ongoing “private club” of safety and support. they interact all the time on private facebook groups, and most of them have had 2-day working reunions (Nashville 2011 has even had 2 reunions!). at this moment, i have 2 online cohorts nearing the end of their program (YMCPv Central 2013 and YMCPv East 2013).

this past week was a stellar week for YMCP:

  • i launched the new SC UMC cohort
  • april diaz’s “women in youth ministry” cohort filled up (it will launch in the next few months)
  • i’m scheduling meetings for the new NC UMC cohort that’s full and launches in january
  • funding came through for two additional denominationally focused cohorts — a 3rd NC UMC cohort, and one for Presbys in the Pittsburgh area

here’s what’s currently open:

  • i’ve just started forming the next nashville cohort. 4 of the 10 spots are filled. and i have another 8 to 10 who are seriously considering it (which usually means they’re asking their churches for funding!). if you’re interested in this cohort, or even have questions about it, shoot me an email ([email protected]), and i’ll send you the overview doc and answer your questions.
  • the next san diego cohort has been a tough one to fill. the honest truth is that i’ve been trying to fill it for a year and a half. i only need 8 in san diego; but each time we get to 6 or 7 committed, one or two are no longer able to do it and we drop back to 5. that’s where we’re at now — 5 committed. if we can get 3 more, we’ll go for it! anyone interested? you could do worse than a year of growth in san diego!

i doubt i’ll be able to launch any online (YMCPv) cohorts this coming year, as i’ll have so many full cohorts going. and since each person gets one-on-one coaching from me in addition to our regular meetings, i’ll be working with about 40 – 50 youth workers individually this next year as it is. my hope for a few years has been to expand YMCP, offering some cohorts with other coaches. i tried that in the past, and they didn’t fill up (this is one of the reasons i’m so pleased april’s cohort filled up). but maybe we’ll take a swing at that again this year. adam and i are meeting next week for a couple days of looking at The Youth Cartel in 2014 and beyond, and i’m sure this will be one of our topics.

such good stuff! let me know if you’re interested in the Nashville or San Diego cohorts.

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