Youth Ministry Coaching Program update

i’m in Charlotte, NC at the moment, launching a brand new cohort of YMCP. YMCP is a year-long, whole-life coaching program for youth workers. it’s built on a cohort approach: each cohort has 10 youth workers, which provides a shared learning environment, a variety of inputs, and a team of ministry friends who’ve got your back. full cohorts meet for two days, every other month, over the course of the year. in between meetings, we interact on a secret facebook page, as well as coaching phone calls.

the NC cohort is made up of all UMC youth workers, and is hosted by the western NC conference of the UMC. in december, we started a similar UMC cohort in SC. and in the spring, we’ll be launching a PCUSA cohort in pittsburgh (hosted by the local presbytery).

in march, april diaz and 8 women will launch the first-ever Women in Youth Ministry cohort, with a combination of online meetings and face-to-face meetings in orange county, CA.

nash cohortthere are still two “open” cohorts (not denominationally-focused or funded) with a few spaces in them:

the 2014 nashville cohort has five confirmed participants and five more spaces available.

and the 2014 san diego cohort has three spaces available.

both of these cohorts will launch when we fill them up (and all participants get to vote on meeting dates). for more info, check out this page on our website, or email me ([email protected]) and i’ll send you the program overview and other stuff.

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