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many will remember natalie stadnick, the high school student and (truly) fantastic blogger who posted the now infamous post, why i’ve given up on youth group. natalie is one of those rare high school kids who digs theology, and seems to understand it’s real-life connection. and i’d read on her blog how she’d so completely loved the youth theological initiative offered by emory, at candler school of theology, each summer (here’s one of natalie’s posts about yti).

i’ve poked around on the yti site, and i think it’s a very unique program for a certain kind of high school student. they describe the program as: an intensive, residential program of justice-seeking theological education for rising high school seniors. if you know a current junior in high school who is theologically engaged, or would like to be, this could be an amazing experience. yti is still accepting applications, i know, for this summer.

from their website:

The YTI Summer Academy is a month long residential program for students between their junior and senior years of high school. It is a place where you can explore the complex questions about religion, and consider various ways of answering these questions. Ethics, inter-religious dialogue, the relationship between church and state, the authority of the Bible—we’ll help you explore these and other topics in a community of your peers, guided by dedicated teachers and mentors.

In addition to participating in an Exploratory Course focused on a particular theological topic or issue, you and other Academy “scholars” will serve in local social service agencies, such as outreach centers for homeless people, daycares centers for refugee children, or resource sites for people with physical or mental disabilities or illnesses. You’ll explore various forms of worship, both within the YTI community and in weekly “pilgrimages” to faith communities around Atlanta. You’ll discover how to engage public issues from Christian theological perspectives and beliefs in order to benefit the world around you.

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  1. Thanks, Mark, for the pitch for YTI. We *are* accepting applications, on a rolling basis, so the earlier an application gets in, the better the odds of joining us. Also — we really look for the kids who might be lurking about at the edges of their youth group, because maybe they lurk out of some frustration (like those Natalie expressed in her famous blog). Our goal is to reconnect these folks to the good news of justice and loving God with heart, soul, strength and mind. Anyone who’s curious about faith in complexity …
    thanks! Faith Hawkins, YTI Director

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