ys and youth ministry on the CBS news tonite

we’ve just heard that the segment shot at our anaheim convention, on youth specialties, the national youth workers convention, and youth ministry in general, will air on the CBS evening news with katie couric this evening. we have NO idea what the tone of the piece will be, or when it will be in the line-up. of course, it could always get bumped if more significant news pops up this afternoon.

13 thoughts on “ys and youth ministry on the CBS news tonite”

  1. woo hoo!! you made it man and did a great job! it was promising, hopeful and not too fear-mongering. there was a bit of that “61% leaving the church forever” kind of thing – but they gave youth pastors a great cover and the convention looked as good on CBS as it does in person!

  2. My dad called me while I was driving home and told me some guy with Youth Specialties was on TV talking about youth ministry. He said you did great.

  3. Great….I missed the first part in the series but there were some good things there. My favorite moment of the newscast was right after the part on youth ministry when they mentioned that the next story was “the youngest grocer in America” Commedy.

    And…Did I miss it or did they not say your name?

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