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especialidades juveniles is spanish youth specialties. we’ve developed “affiliate” partnerships in various countries, in addition to our offices in buenos aires, so we now have EJ Costa Rica, EJ Peru, EJ Guatamala, EJ Paraguay, EJ Chile, and EJ Argentina. the EJ Costa Rica peeps have a national event this weekend — so stinkin’ cool. here’s the website (it’s in spanish!). please pray for their event.


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  1. Last year I went to the event and it was awesome. EJ is growing rapidly among Latin America. For sure, we must continue to pray for it.

  2. Is there any way to partner with YS on this? I have a deep passion for Costa Rica. I have taken students for several years to Shiroles on mission trips and have looked for opportunities to do some training with those who work with the children and teenagers. The need is so great. The people willing to do training (at least in this particular part of Costa Rica) is miniscule. I will continue to do what I can when I am there… the people are very responsive. Know that I will be praying for sure… God is doing such amazing stuff down there…

  3. hi mark~ i ran across your blog when researching some topics for our youth group and saw the words COSTA RICA and immediately clicked on the link! my boyfriend is from san jose and recently moved up to the states to work with a youth ministry. i was just really excited to see this event on your post because one of the speakers (josue villatoro) is a very close friend of my boyfriend (michael) and michael is extremely active at la cumbre (i can’t remember but i think it said the event was held there). i’m not sure how much you know about cr or about this event that was going on this past weekend (like i said i just clicked on your blog from the ys site), but i do thank you for making people aware of the ministry in costa rica. it is a beautiful place with amazing people, but also with a lot of hurting people. i have studied in this country and visited many times and hope to move there eventually, and i just want you to know that seeing ministries reach out to this country is such a blessing!!!

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