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here’s a cool new thing:

a couple years ago, i hosted — with eric venable and kurt johnston — a 3-day summit for middle school youth workers, at spring hill camp in michigan. we had a kick with this smaller format (about 40 people, if i remember correctly), and really thought it would be fun to repeat.

we announced a couple of summits last year, but really weren’t prepared for them, and postponed them until we could get our acts to together a bit more. so, now, we have four summits planned for this coming spring, and i’ll be at two of ’em.

ys summits (click that link for more info or to register)

the four are:

Second Decade Youth Ministry
March 30-April 1, 2009
in partnership with Pine Cove Camp, Tyler, Texas
hosted by: Tic Long, Dan Webster, and Mike Flavin
Tic Long (president of events at YS), Dan Webster (Authentic Leadership, Inc.), and Mike Flavin (25+ years youth ministry veteran) will facilitate this time to probe and discuss the personal, family, professional, and spiritual issues that impact our ability to stay in youth ministry long-term. Topics will also cover leadership dynamics and challenges such as lasting as an effective leader, leading a church session as a youth pastor, and keeping your heart soft toward God.

Women in Youth Ministry
April 14-16, 2009
in partnership with Lake Junaluska, NC
hosted by: Jeanne Stevens
Join Jeanne Stevens (director of training at YS) at the first-ever Women in Youth Ministry Summit. Come together with other women in youth ministry for a time of conversation, community, and challenge. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been serving in youth ministry for years, your perspective and experience are needed.

Future of Youth Ministry
April 20-22, 2009
in partnership with Spring Hill Camp, Evart, MI
hosted by: Mark Oestreicher and Mark Riddle
Mark Oestreicher (president of YS) and Mark Riddle (youth ministry consultant) have been wrestling with change in the world of youth ministry for a few years now, and they’re starting to see some paths forward. But this won’t be a seminar on the future. It’ll be an open-format discussion with themes (chosen by those who attend) on where we should head, how we should change, and what it might look like in your local context.

Soul Shaper
April 27-30, 2009
in partnership with Youthfront Camp South, LaCygne, KS
hosted by: Mark Oestreicher and Jeannie Oestreicher
Be rested. Be renewed. And be challenged to find new and sustainable ways to minister out of a place of rest and deep love in a world that’s continually moving faster. Mark Oestreicher (husband, father, president of YS) and Jeannie Oestreicher (wife, mother, spiritual director) have been exploring what this means in their own lives, and they want to provide an opportunity for you to do the same. It will offer intentional time and space for individuals to reconnect with God—and with themselves—in whatever ways they need to. Jeannie and Marko will also be facilitating various prayer practices that will help open you to the transforming work of God.

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  1. Marko, way to target specific topics/groups … you’re brilliant! I honestly think 40 is the way to go, glad to see you’re continuing it.

  2. I just registered for Soul Shaper and am so excited. I had prayed about CYWC and just didn’t feel like I was supposed to go but was disappointed because I have taken volunteers in the past and this year was my husband’s turn to go to a conference with me. Now we are both coming to this and I know it is just what we need!

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