Z does manga right with their new “graphic novel” lines for kids

in the past few years, a few christian publishers have taken a stab at developing “christian manga”. but their attempts (in my opinion) have failed, because they’ve taken short-cuts on developing art that was true to the form. i realize my opinion is a bit suspect here, since zondervan is my parent company. but when i’d heard Z was developing several series’ of manga books, i was nervous. i was skeptical. but they were patient, and developed the books using experienced manga artists and storytellers. and the result is fantastic: five different series, with two books in each released at this point.

as a “test”, i took them to my daugher, and to the guys in my middle school small group. they LOVED them. and my son max is currently devouring them. i highly recommend them for pre-teen and young teen kids, particularly.

here’s an article on christian manga

here’s the Z graphic novels site

an interesting wired magazine “article” on how manga became so popular with kids (really creative, they tell the history of manga in the u.s. using manga)

4 thoughts on “Z does manga right with their new “graphic novel” lines for kids”

  1. too funny! When I got my copy I gave it to a 6th grader who loves anime and draws it really well as my own test to if it was legit.

    He brought it back to me the next week and told me that the art was good and story good as well. That’s funny that you did the same thing.

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