10 days in an rv

rv.jpgthat’s right. i’m home from guatemala for less than 24 hours, and my family is heading off for a camping vacation. we have camped, usually once every summer, for years. for the past 5 or 6 years, it’s been with our good friends, john and vicki freese, and their family. this year, we decided to try something different: we rented an RV.

now, let me make this clear: we rented one RV. two families. one RV. 11 days. it will either be fantastic or horrible. we might kill each other, or want to.

we’re bringing a tent for the three kids, and the adults will sleep in the RV. it’s a nice one, with bathroom (including a shower), a kitchen, two slide-out sections, and all that good kind of stuff. but, still — 11 days.

we’re heading to yosemite today (actually, to a nice campground just outside the park), for 4 nights. that’s our ‘hot’ part of the trip (temperatures at the campground say upper 80s and sunny). then we drive over to the california coast and stay 3 nights at morro bay state park, a notoriously cold and cloudy camping spot (our ‘cold’ part of the trip, where highs will be in the low 60s). then a bit more south to pismo beach state park for another 3 nights, before heading home.

my blogging is likely to be spotty. i’m trying to have posts ready to go. but we’ll see what happens.

7 thoughts on “10 days in an rv”

  1. we camp at Morro Bay every summer – you have eaten at the spot right in the bay next to the boats? Awesome fish! Awesome soup!

  2. Was on the bay this morning with the wife and six students. This was the “fun” part of our high school missions trip. Most of the students had never been before. The water was calm and the weather was beautiful! I totally reccomend “Rock Kayak” instead of the other guys. Tell them the “fish’n buddies” sent you.


    We’ve spent all week with South Bay Christian Fellowship… It’s not “Church of the Big Wood”, but it’s a wonderfully small new body of wonderful people and I bet nobody would recognize you. They are located on South Bay Blvd and Pismo across the street from the Middle school. Service starts @ 10AM.

  4. I saw RV recently all I can say is make sure your parking brake works and that you set it when your stopped.

  5. You said “hot” part. Dude you need to swing down to Bama – it is 105 here today!!

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