10 leadership soundbites off the top of my head

soundbitesreally, i’m going to make this up right now. ’cause i gots me a little burst o’ passion that i think will translate to twittery bits (ooh, “twittery bits” probably used to mean something very different). so here we go… i’m gonna wing this!

  • sometimes you fake it until you’re able to break it. that’s when things might get good.
  • “the ways we do things around here” could be, just might be, a really wonderful and good thing. take a second look before you discard it.
  • might is shite
  • “who i’m responsible for” can be legitimately in tension with “what i’m passionate about.” but not for long, or you’ll wilt.
  • you need a “how could this possibly succeed?” moment at least twice a year.
  • crossing t’s and dotting i’s is for scribes. is that all you are?
  • there are a thousand legitimate things you could do with the next hour.
  • loosening your grip is the second most important component of growth.
  • i want to play with people who are weird. i want to work with those who are odd. the edge of change is always populated with weird and odd folk.
  • see that line? put a couple toes over it. there you go.

9 thoughts on “10 leadership soundbites off the top of my head”

  1. Needed this today. Add one more:

    Sometimes you need a friend to remind you – yes, you are crazy for doing ministry and it’s worth it.

  2. Just a word of defense for the scribes. In Israel they collected the Word of God for the people of God. In Ireland they saved Western civilization. In my house they’re prettier than I am and keep us out of debtors prison and the extended-family doghouse.

  3. ha! the “might” is great. Love the off the cuff remarks. Wish I could be with you guys this weekend!!!!!

  4. Why do people sometimes worry about dotting i’s and crossing t’s, but never about dotting j’s and crossing f’s or x’s?

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