12 films in 12 months

ian robertson is on staff at ys as our media specialist. he applies his creativity and brilliance to lots of stuff around ys; but, particularly, to screen images for the CORE, and videos for various uses (he was the concept creator, script writer, director and editor for the recent “are you a bigger loser than marko?” news piece).

ian has had a fun and creative side-project going since january: 12 films in 12 months. his goal is to create one short film per month, for the entire year. what makes the project really interesting is the blog, which documents his entire process, thoughts, and struggles, giving a great insight into the mind of a cultural creative.

the films are fun, and often actually funny. but creating perfect films is not really his point — it’s the disciplined act of creating one per month, and journaling about the whole process. here’s ian’s early post about the point of his project. great stuff.

here are his first four short films:





4 thoughts on “12 films in 12 months”

  1. Love this! I’ve only watched “Mystery Box” so far, but it was very well done. Jill was planning to do something like this until she got her new job. I’m hoping this can inspire her to go for it.

  2. Ian’s got great filmmaking (can you still call digital video storytelling filmmaking?) talent. I’ve been following the 12 films site since the beginning and I’m really loving it!

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