21 years ago today

21 years ago today, i stood at the top of the aisle of a church in dearborn heights, michigan, and felt a sensation very much like all the blood suddenly leaving my body. it wasn’t an almost-fainting moment; but it was certainly very tingly! jeannie and her dad had just stepped to the other end of the aisle, and the guests at our wedding had just stood up, and the trumpet had just begun playing trumpet voluntary. i may have swayed a tiny bit when everyone was looking the other way: the video of the moment shows my bestman john reaching out and putting a hand on my shoulder.

4 states,
11 apartments and homes,
2 college graduations,
a dozen jobs,
2 kids,
and many other changes brings us to today: our 21st wedding anniversary.

jeannie doesn’t need quantities of friendships and time in the limelight like i do, so not as many people know her. but those who are priviledged to know her know the beauty and depth and generosity and warmth of her spirit.

here’s jeannie whooping it up in times square, a year ago on our 20th anniversary trip to new york…


5 thoughts on “21 years ago today”

  1. Happy Anniversary Marko & Jeannie!

    Good on ya! Wonderful to see real marriages making it these days. Celebrate for all it’s worth!

  2. Congratulations! 21 years is an amazing, awesome statement of your love, faith and endurance! Congratulations to you both!

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