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jon acuff (stuff christians like) recently posted about a blog called 22 words, with the tag line “experiments in getting to the point”. it’s really fun, and got me thinking. roughly tweet-length (twitter allows 140 characters, including spaces – the first sentence in this post is 22 words, and is about 135 characters). one difference here is that 22 words author abraham piper also allows himself one or two short follow up clarifiers, which is an interesting twist. many of the posts are “guest posts”.

here’s jon acuff’s guest post:

Call it sarcasm, irony, or satire—just don’t automatically call it ungodly.

When God asked Moses, “Is the Lord’s arm too short?” was he asking an arm length accuracy question or maybe being ironic?

here are a couple others i enjoyed:

2 kinds of biblical. We need to know which is which when we use the word.

1. Things commanded by Scripture. (Don’t murder, Be wise, etc.)
2. Things consistent with Scripture. (Home schooling, public schooling, etc.)

Confusing these creates legalism.

Juice+concentrate+water+citric acid+ascorbic acid+potassium metabisulfite=100% juice?

A guest post by Jessica Melling

Even natural ingredients in small quantities bring down the percentage.

For the sake of accurate labeling, I would happily drink 97.3% juice.

so let’s try this. give me a comment using this format, on the theme of youth ministry…

6 thoughts on “22 words”

  1. Youth ministry is the church being the church…to young people. Discipleship, relationships, parents, honesty, reality—all to the glory of God.

  2. the joy of being involved in the awakening of students’ eyes to the majesty, power and love of God through His word

  3. there’s no other job i know like being in ministry that can bring great joy one day and utter heartbreak the next

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