2nd tic and marko paper doll video live

when the first of these came out, bob carlton emailed me: “I can not decide if I think the paper doll video thing is (a) brilliant viral marketing or (b) another example of the male hero worshipping that is often so typical of youth ministry or (c) a biting meta-critique of both.”

i wrote back that it’s (c)… or, maybe (d), just pure silliness.

the 2nd is live today, and it’s terrifying.

5 thoughts on “2nd tic and marko paper doll video live”

  1. omg

    besmirching austin powers, braveheart and ys all in 1 90 second clip

    i am frightened for our children’s future

  2. Now, there is four minutes that I’ll never get back!! What is worse is that I now have that damn “I’ve got Tic’s kilt” playing over and over in my mind. The YS brand of humor just shreds me, but, clearly, I’m not alone!

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