a couple tour shots

here’s the bus. now, i know it looks fancy and all — and, to be fair, it ain’t a exactly an AMC pacer (remember those?) — but that little space on the side, just in front of the wheels, about where the vents are: that was where my bunk was (well, on the inside, of course).

and this here is mr. mike hogan, violin and wiki-wiki player, doing what is done approximately 90% of the time backstage. in fact, i’m currently sitting at a table backstage, while third day is playing, and there are six laptops open on the table.

4 thoughts on “a couple tour shots”

  1. marko you are a rock star!

    ah i can smell the diesel and almost hear the hum of the generator.

    does anyone shoot hoops?!
    man that’s all we did on the tour with the kiddos.

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