this old house


liesl and i are staying (in england) in this bed and breakfast built in 1480. i can barely fathom something built in 1480, let alone a private home, not a museum or the like. it’s so freakin’ cool, with little stairways all over and uneven walls and floors. right out of a harry potter book or something like that. we americans just have no sense of this kind of thing!

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  1. When I went to Bible school in England I stayed in the new house at my college … it was only about 150 years old. : ) The big pain for me, being 6’4″ was all the low door ways! Even when I ducked I still occasionally cracked my head on the door frames!

  2. Hey, Mark – completely unrelated comment here. do you by any chance have any idea where i can get ahold of the “real American hero” spoof ads that Axis (i think) did for the EC ’04? i remember they were on the emergentYS site, but, of course, that one’s ancient history.
    BTW, have a great time in England. I remember being there and having the same feeling of being blown away by the age of the place

  3. Live in California, and something is “old” if it was built in 1900. Live in New England, and something is “old” if it was built in 1600. But 1480? And still standing? Wow. That IS old. Obviously it wasn’t a Californiaburb track home…

  4. Gorgeous place!

    Are you taking the short side-trip to see the Wells Cathedral? That was one of my favorite places the one time I toured around the UK, it’s unbelievablely beautiful…

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