a cornucopia of lost and found

earlyyearsboxset.gifok, some will need a little background here. there’s this band called lost and found. they’ve been around for-like-ever. interesting and unique guys — two of ’em. george baum and michael bridges. george is currently in seminary, training to become an episcopal priest, and michael is pursuing a future in electioneering. really.

i love watching people have their first exposure to lost and found. the first few seconds are almost always an uncontrollable wtf facial expression. but, then, somehow, the contagion sets in. and the “i don’t quite know why, but i like this” realization starts to spread.

lost and found call their musical genre speedwood. it’s jesus-y unplugged completely unpretentious guitar, keyboard and voice. and they have two styles of songs, in my opinion: there are the pounder songs that are almost like some acoustic version of gospel punk, with george slamming the keyboard in a style that makes it remarkable that he strikes many of the right keys, and michael bobbing his moppy head like the best headbanger out there (all the while standing on one leg like a flamingo). then, there are the pretty songs. when lost and found play their slow songs, they are decidedly pretty. like (sorry guys) simon and garfunkel, or innocence mission, or sarah masen. that kind of pretty. not to look at, mind you. aurally pretty. oh — and this is extremely unique for christian musicians — their lyrics actually have theological depth. weird, huh?

lost and found have played pretty much every youth specialties convention for 6 or 8 or more years. i suppose a few people might hate ’em, and a handful just don’t get ’em, but most — once they’ve heard them — love ’em.

so. lost and found has released a cornucopia, called: lost and found, the early years. it’s a numbered boxed set (mine is 1780 of 2500) with three cds, one dvd, and one booklet. the cds each have 22 – 24 tracks on them. the description is:

This boxed set contains all the early recordings of LOST AND FOUND–many long out of print, some never released, most available for the first time on CD, and all in their original state–reflecting the sound of Michael and George from 1986 through 1995.

and it’s only $55, which is pretty cheap for all that stuff.

now, if you’re a LAF newbie, i don’t know that i’d recommend this collection as your on-ramp. start with one of the newer cds. or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you might try the ‘hymn’ cd (just remember before clicking “purchase”: speedwood). but for a LAF fan — like myself — this box set of old skool stuff (much of which i’d not heard) is honey. maybe slightly rancid honey. but honey, nonetheless.

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  1. I actually really dug Lost and Found at YS! I have been meaning to purchase an album or two.

  2. I saw lost and found at Youth Quake (in Saskatchewan, Canada) a couple of years ago. Their live show totally blew me away. Words cannot describe how unique, interesting, and beautiful these guys are. I have an old CD of theirs as well, glad to hear they are still around!

  3. I love lost and found. they’ve been a music staple for me for the past ten years. thanks for the info.

  4. I saw Lost And Found for the first time somewhere around 1999. Anyway…most people need 10 minutes to like them…at least. I loved them instantly. They opened with “Be Not Afraid” and I was in. Later, they sang “How Can You” and I turned to my buddy and said, “These guys are my new favorite band.” At the time, I thought I was joking…you know, a funny way of saying, “These guys rock,” but then I went and bought their catalog…I was hooked.

    Over the years I’ve hosted 3 of their concerts and got to know them a bit. Not only are they a great band, but they’re great guys too. As a youth pastor, I especially appreciate the way they take time to meet the kids at their shows, take pictures, sign, answer questions etc. In other words, no rock star egos…not even close.

    As for the old school stuff…I already had most of the cassettes that are on the box set, but I had to get it anyway. “Slightly rancid…” yeah, that works, but pretty sweet. (Believe it or not, I even have an early Michael Bridge/ Lost And Found record…yes, album, vinyl, copy of “Everlastin’ Alright.” Can you say big…er…HUGE hair?

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