a couple holes in my speaking schedule

i have a couple places and times in the next few months where i could speak or consult for you with no airfare attached, assuming you live in the nashville area, western north carolina, or south florida!

march 10, i’ll be sitting in nashville, and have no plans until i need to be in ft lauderdale, FL the next evening. that means i could do something in nashville on march 10th, or something in south florida the evening of afternoon/evening of the 10th, or daytime on the 11th.

march 13 i’ll be flying home from ft lauderdale, FL. but i’d love to find a ministry opportunity that sunday morning, and come home later in the day.

may 7/8 i could easily be somewhere in western north carolina. i’ll be flying into ashville on the 8th (yes, it’s mother’s day; but my wife always says “i’m not your mother!”) for an event starting monday the 9th; but i’d be happy to come in early for something that saturday and/or sunday.

in all of these cases, the value to you is that you don’t have to cover the cost of my airfare. let me know if you’d like to connect about something ([email protected]).

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