a couple openings in my speaking calendar i’d love to fill

i have a couple openings in my speaking calendar i’d love to fill.

first: i’m doing a full day of coaching, seminar and main session speaking for the covenant church youth worker gathering in chicago on friday, january 28. i was planning on flying home saturday morning. but i’d love to do something in chicago that saturday (january 29) and/or sunday (january 30). the bonus is: you wouldn’t have to pay airfare, as that’s already covered.

second (this one isn’t finalized yet, but i’ll put it out there tentatively): there’s a decent chance i’m going to be speaking in SE florida march 11/12. and i’ll be leading my nashville youth ministry coaching program march 8/9. this means i would have a free day and evening, in nashville or south FL on thursday, march 10; and i could stay in south FL for something on sunday morning, march 13. these options would not have airfare costs to them either.

while i’m at it: i’ve got tons of availability in the summer and fall of 2011.

would love to help you with coaching, consulting, speaking to teenagers, parents or youth workers.

shoot me an email ([email protected]), or use the contact page on my website.

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