a day of adventure

our one full day in queenstown, we went absolutely nuts with the adventures available there (it’s considered the “adventure sport capital of the world”).

first, after a liesurely breakfast, we went jetboating at shotover jet. they’re these psycho boats that only need 4″ of water depth, and they absolutely fly down narrow canyons barely missing the walls. oh, and they do these 360-degree spin turns. here’s a few pics:




then, after lunch in town, we took the gondola up to a mountain that feels like it’s hanging over the town. like this…


we were hoping to ride the luge they have up top. but the rain had shut it town. we went for a nice walk in the woods, and drank coffee while staring at the amazing view, which looked like this…


then, to cap it off (before dinner and shopping downtown), liesl and i decided to bungy off of this:


here’s liesl:


and me:


it was quite the adventure filled day!

10 thoughts on “a day of adventure”

  1. That is one awesome day… good onya for doing the jump!!! And it was cool catchin up bro, crazy hanging with ya over here. Im planning on being in the states in September, be time to hang in your turf, and try your coffee.

  2. i love how liesl is still oriented towards the ground. that must’ve hurt on the snap

  3. I love these pics – i have the exact same ones with my friends and I from my trip to the great land of new zealand – what a grand time!

  4. just say no to bungee jumping.
    just thinking about it is making me nervous.
    Good for liesl and you

  5. Marko,
    You’re my hero. Seriously, I love the way you value your family. I recently found out that I am going to be dad (wife is due in september) and I have really learned alot from reading about how you value your kids and how you really strive to create memories and experiences that are memorable and help move them through their life stages (physical, spiritual, and emotional). Seriously, thanks for being a great example and for giving me some things to shoot for as I begin this journey as a dad.

  6. Assume form on your bungi jump, you look like a pro. Ever thought of changing carreers to daredevil:)

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