a few of my favorite pics from haiti

between my photos and the hundreds i collected from the other teammates, i have a huge photo album from our trip. but i’ll share just a few here, all taken with my handy-dandy iphone, many of which i was able to instantly upload to facebook (some of which have shown up in previous posts)…

this one felt like a metaphor for everything in haiti right now. it’s hard, complex and back-breaking.

jean michelle on my back at the son of god orphange. both his parents died in the quake, and he’d been living alone on the streets until 3 days prior to this photo, when the orphanage found him and took him in.

a face that could launch a thousand ships.

and another thousand ships. those eyes. seriously.

somehow, a muddy tent city is still home.

this angel slept on seth barnes‘ lap for about 3 hours during a meeting with tent city community leaders. it was sleep born of starvation.

doug pagitt was amazed when some girls in a tent city didn’t ask for anything while he chatted with them through an interpreter. but when they found him later and asked if he was interested in buying some salami, he couldn’t say no.

tash mcgill climbed this mound to get a better view and a good photo. but i don’t think she saw the word “toilette” spray-painted on the wall next to the mound.

desperation, deplorable conditions, and beauty all mingled together.

pastor edouard very excited about the shirt he received that symbolized the partnership between his church and mine.

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  1. We are so happy here in America. But what does this mean? We have food on demand, room to breathe, paved roads, internet, operating, and it goes on and on. The paradox is that every day we fight to find happiness. In contrast, seems to many Haitians find satisfaction in the midst of their poverty.

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