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my church is amazing. really, after 11 years there, my love for this church continues to grow. i love how open they are, how humble, how postured for input and change.

the amazing programming of the worship services is not what keeps me there or lights my fires, as excellent as it is. worship doesn’t feel affected, and is regularly surprising and creative. the preaching is paradoxically deep and casual. but there is one programming element that regularly shocks me in its creativity: the videos. yup, the little videos that set up each sermon series (and each individual sermon) are a consistent uber-creative invitation to engage. they are simply beyond the quality that any single church should be able to produce. and, while i’m sure many people have their fingerprints on these little screen gems, they are primarily due to the over-the-top gifting of one guy: dan stevers.

for years, i begged dan to make his videos available to others. he’s a humble guy who isn’t a self-promoter. but i recently found out that dan has created a website to make some of his videos available. here’s a sampling (and i encourage you to go to dan’s site to see more):

“god of the broken”

God of the Broken from DanStevers.com on Vimeo.

30-second bumper for “shift”

Shift from DanStevers.com on Vimeo.

“the jesus creed”

The Jesus Creed from DanStevers.com on Vimeo.

“consumer worship”

Consumer Worship from DanStevers.com on Vimeo.

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  1. I’ve purchased a bunch of his videos online in the past couple of years. Way, way better than everything in the category.

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