a handful of my favorite pics from kauai

jeannie and i celebrated our 25th anniversary in early january. but we really celebrated it a few weeks ago with a wonderful trip to kauai. i used airline miles for free airfare; we traded in a time share week for half of our stay, and a friend called in a favor for a (free) nice room for the 2nd half of our stay. pretty amazing way to spend 11 days without costing a ton.

hawaiian shave ice. nothing quite like it. this one is lime, coconut and honey dew flavored, with sweetened condensed milk drizzled on top.

we went on a bunch of awesome hikes. this is my tarzan impersonation.

awesome hike to a waterfall.

this is the view from our free hotel room in poipu. i took it about a minute after we walked into the room, while we were still gasping and high-fiving each other.

on the lawn in front of our hotel room, we watched the sunset many evenings.

kauai has an insane quantity of free-roaming chickens and roosters, everywhere, as a result of a storm about 10 years ago that blew apart a bunch of chicken coops.

the trail on this particular hike got a bit challenging to follow!

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