a little superbowl love from jesus, in the form of jesus junk

jesus loves the little children
all the children of the world
tackle, pass, stiff-arm and block
jesus loves them ’round the clock
jesus love the little children of the world

football jesus.jpg

but i’m not sure that even jesus loves belichick

(ht to seth for reminding me of this heinousness/hilarity)

13 thoughts on “a little superbowl love from jesus, in the form of jesus junk”

  1. Someone told me about this, but I did not believe it until now. Someone needs to let Jesus know that he should loose the flip flops and tape up those ankles to avoid any injury. And who is the guy trying the side tackle? How fast can you run in a robe? I understand the need to share our faith, but really?

  2. yeah, MR, i’ve posted some of them before, and i’ve used a whole bunch of them in a sermon once. i just thought this one was a nice connection for game day!

  3. this was the logo to my fantasy football team last year, but I changed the inscription to Jesus Is For Losers (theme song was the old Steve Taylor song of same name) (this year was Touchdown Jesus, and I used the pic of the giant Jesus with his arms raised in the air from a church in Ohio – worth it to youtube the song Big Butter Jesus by Haywood Banks if you haven’t heard of it – song is about the same statue – it looks like it was made of butter…)

  4. Of course Jesus loves Belichick. Why else would he gift him with such an amazing ability to coach? You are just jealous cause they beat the Chargers two years in a row.

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