a meditation for youth workers: JOY/LAUGHTER

many years ago, i decided the staff of youth specialties were super tired. we were about to head into a busy season, and we were all running on fumes.

sounds a little like coming off a busy youth ministry summer and jumping into a new school year, right?

we decided to give everyone a 7-day weekend, a mini-sabbatical. our amazing spiritual director beth slevcove wrote some beautiful meditations for those days, and i’ve just rediscovered them. i’m going to share them in a series here on my blog, and hope you’ll take ten minutes to rest and soak in god’s love for you as you read them. here’s the fourth one:

Happy BabyJoy/Laughter

i sing for joy in the shadow of your protecting wings.
Psalms 63:7b

Today, talk to God about the pain and suffering you are carrying. See if you can’t let God hold it for awhile.

Rent a funny movie, hang out with goofy friends, go disco bowling, do something silly. If there are little kids around, watch them and learn. Sing loud and slightly off key and see if anyone notices. Build a tent fort. TP your pastor’s house (at our ages this IS funny).

Dance with wild, reckless abandon.
Or just meditate on all the things that give you life, the things you are grateful for. And tell God you remember that he delights in you and guards you under his wings.

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