a moment of beauty, part 1

ok, normally, “a moment of beauty” would not be something i’d attach to a reality tv show, especially one like “britain’s got talent” (the u.k. equiv of “america’s got talent) (sidebar: how many freakin’ shows does simon cowell judge!?!?). but this dang little video actually HAD ME IN TEARS!

so the guy is a mobile phone salesman. but he dreams of singing opera. it’s a set-up for a horrible mockery of a moment.

but watch (it is possible, that if, like me, you are a mush, you may need a kleenex whilst watching):

24 thoughts on “a moment of beauty, part 1”

  1. Man, you come up with some of the best stuff! This vid would be great as a springboard to talk about the issue of what you see isn’t always what you get. Thanks.

  2. sorry about the crappy tv shows eminating from these islands… but it seems that grace turns up in the most unexpected of places, even a show with simon cowell.

  3. just been out and heard some ppl talking about this guy (i live in the uk). hadn’t seent it.

    brought tears to my eyes.


  4. WOW! btw, love that aerosmith at the end to provoke the tears just incase they haven’t come yet. lol.

  5. He just signed a 1,000,000 British pound contract = $1,990,000+ contract for an album!

  6. Holy-smokes! That guy is amazing… are you sure it isn’t a set-up for T.V. ratings? I watched him after I saw the little girl… same result when you do it that way around!

  7. That really was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I got the chills and cried, and I admit I am a mush too. So, I watched it twice to make sure and I got the same reaction. I loved seeing the reactions of the judges and the audience….there’s more than just a couple of us mushes…this man is amazing.

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