a new menu item at starbucks?

i’m still in anaheim, about three blocks from disneyland. anyone who’s been here knows there is always a very large quantity of asian tourists at disney (for some reason!). the anaheim hyatt has a starbucks in the lobby, and this morning while waiting in line for my cup (putting 500 junior highers in a hotel wreaks havoc with a lobby starbucks, let me tell you — and they all want frapaccinos, which take SO FREAKIN’ long to make!)… while waiting in line for my venti drip, i noticed an asian tourist dad holding an adorable little girl, barely old enough to talk.

the girl pointed at the pastry case — specifically at the banana nut bread — and said something the dad could understand, but i couldn’t (both because it was in another language, and because it was baby-talk). but i could tell it was a “what’s that, daddy?” kind of thing. sure enough, the dad says, “cheeseburgers.” the baby asks back, in the cutest little voice, “cheeseburgers?” the dad re-assures her, “cheeseburgers.”

there you have it. cheeseburgers at starbucks.

5 thoughts on “a new menu item at starbucks?”

  1. Ah Marko, what’s the point? Poking
    fun at an Asian who didn’t know the correct
    word for banana bread? Seems kinda beneath
    you . . .

    And as for lots of Asians at Disneyland,
    well, why not? Many Asians (hmm, were they
    Japanese, Korean or Chinese or just
    generic Asians?) travel to the States and
    just as Disneyland is a big draw for
    many American families, it is true for
    visitors from other nations as well.

    Sorry, don’t get the ‘humor’ at a visitor’s


  2. dude, oregonian, the humor has nothing to do with whether or not the person was a visitor or asian — that was only an important part of the story because he could have answered anything he wanted (like, whatever banana bread is in japanese). but he chose to say, in english, that it was a cheeseburger! it wasn’t a slam on asians one bit! geez.

  3. Marko, another Oregonian here, and we don’t all think that you’re poking fun at one specific group.

    Maybe the dad wanted a cheeseburger with his latte.

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