a now, an extremely manipulative video from The Youth Cartel…

a brand new video for the Middle School Ministry Campference, starring my son, max (in the middle) and his friends cody and katrina:

and here’s the fine print:

Here comes the Campference!

If you give a rip about middle schoolers, this event is for you. In fact, it just might be the only national youth ministry event focused exclusively on ministry to young teens (THE coolest people on earth). Our little tribal gathering — part camp, part conference, all awesome — is approaching quickly: October 26 – 28, at SpringHill Camp in Seymour, Indiana. It’s the one place you can do all of these things and more:

  • have lunch with Kurt Johnston and find out why he’s so dang optimistic all the time.
  • sit down with Brooklyn Lindsey and talk about junior high girls, about the pageant circuit, and about the mysterious ritual she leads her girls in each year.
  • ride a zip-line without wondering whether homeschool Bobby is getting into trouble while you’re harnessed.
  • meet others who, like you, know that ministry with middle schoolers is not babysitting or prep for better stuff, but is, in fact, the best stuff (and the most critical years).
  • see if the moonlight or campfire is more reflective off of Tic Long’s bald head.
  • run your fingers through Marko’s surprisingly soft beard.
  • and so much more!

Really, take it from those who were there last year: this one-of-a-kind event is amazing. But it will be better if you’re with us.

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