a perfect thanksgiving

our house was full today:
– my wonderful wife and kids
– my parents from detroit
– my cousin who lives in san diego, and his fiance
– my cousin’s three roomates (who together run a parachute jump business)
– jen and jay howver, from ys
– the teenage daughter of our friends who are out of town

we ate like kings, played extreme bocce ball (the hill and the trampoline are fair game), sat in the hot tub and around the fire pit, and played some wicked halo 2 battles.

what a blessing to have a full house of friends and family on a day like this. i don’t take it for granted.

oh, and the yams and stuffing were my favorites.

3 thoughts on “a perfect thanksgiving”

  1. and i am very thankful for the wonderful friends you and jeannie are to me! thanks for an amazing fall! it is an honor to serve with you both! so glad you had a great thanksgiving! i was thinking of you and praying for some rest for you guys ( at least a day or two)
    : )
    i’m really going to miss seeing you both on a regular basis! i’ll just have to come up with a good excuse to come to san diego!
    have a great weekend and happy leftovers! lil

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