21 thoughts on “a very-temporary hairstyle”

  1. dude, if i had the hair, i’d wear a pink scrunchy, too. It would match my Jesus Loves Porn Stars bible from the guys at xxxchurch.

  2. “there was no one around.”..hehe yeah right.

    Except for Liesel and Max and their friends, now scarred for life. Let’s not forget about the thousands of people who read your blog…now scarred.

    You wear skir…kilts and ponytails with pink ponytail holders. It doesn’t matter how long you grow that beard out. Are you deliberatly trying to redefine what masculinity is?


    Ok, seriously: You look strange, scary and funny. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Let that be on the back of the new book to continue the “many faces of Marko” variety face shots.

  4. I’d rather it be confirmed he borrowed it than think he always kept one in his pocket for emergencies.

  5. I knew it. Everyone said you and YS were into that contemplative, mystical stuff… your hair now confirms it!

    Camp on, my friend…

  6. Now the truth comes out – your scrunchy was stoeln from some poor 10 year old. Once again, pre-middle schoolers are not given the attention they deserve.

  7. I love the YS visor too. How much of your wardrobe is a free hand-me-down from unsold merchandise? I know I wear old camp shirts and youth group t-shirts all the time myself, but YS must have a ton.

  8. Yea— So I have to confess that I had a lot of response typed out but decided to not start of war of words. Since I live at the beach I will only respond with SWEEEEETTTTT!

  9. I think a book should be developed by YS called “Camp Hair.” Every year youth workers can send in their pics and it can become like a yearbook sold at conventions for $5 – all proceeds going to One Life Revolution.

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