a weird opportunity to have me speak or consult

ok — so, with all my cancelled travel at the end of this calendar year (nywc and other trips), i’m going to end up being just barely shy of making my frequent flier status on united airlines this year. and, man, that frequent flier status sure has its perks, which i’d love to have for next year!

united is running this “double your qualifying miles” deal right now, through december 15. and i need about 7500 miles. that mean i need to fly somewhere that gets me at least 1825 miles one way (or a two-leg trip that adds up to that much), from san diego.

so here’s what i’m offering: i’ll come to consult with you or have lunch with you or, shoot, mow your freakin’ lawn for absolutely free, if you spring for my united round trip ticket and i can do it in one day (without an overnight). if you need me to stay a night (like, because you want me to speak in the evening to your youth group or women’s quilting club), i’ll do the same thing, but will offer an absurdly reduced honorarium off my normal rate.

unfortunately, this pretty much eliminates anyone on the west coast or anywhere west of the mississippi.

here are my available dates between now and the 15th:
this friday, december 4
this sunday, december 6
thursday, december 10
friday, december 11
saturday, december 12
sunday, december 13 (but i’d have to be back to SD by about 5pm)
monday, december 14

yeah, this is a bit nuts. but it could be fun! my email is mark[dot]oestreicher[at]gmail[dot]com.

update: i’m having dinner with a youth worker in newark, nj! yeah, baby. thanks to all who emailed!

12 thoughts on “a weird opportunity to have me speak or consult”

  1. OH MY GOSH! I wish I had the extra cash to do this b/c lunch or dinner with you would be the perfect birthday present for my hubby. But a plane ticket at Christmas time is just a little out of budget, darn!

  2. Hey Mark, dude i just sent you an email, I am totally down for flying you out here!!!! email me back and we will set it up.

  3. Ok so too funny but I agree so necessary. I just checked and I’m 160 miles from my MVP status for next year. Fortunately I’ve got one more flight this year and I’m speaking at Mt. Hermon next weekend. Hope you have fun on your dinner date on the east coast. And by “hope” I mean I hope it ends up being a crazy story that you can blog about. :)

  4. This made me giggle on the trolley! I want to start a fundraiser to send you on the most bizarre errand trip ever. Like, I wonder if we can put money together to fly you to Chicago to grab a Giordano’s pizza! Or what about a t-shirt from the Bible amusement park in Orlando?

    In all seriousness, keeping your status is a big deal! I hope people take advantage of this.

    Hmmm… Can we fly you put to speak at a random church?

  5. Hey Marko…..I really miss your picture caption game…..you should bring that back and instead of giving away YS books you could give away random junk that you don’t want anymore!

  6. Hi Marko,
    thanks for being a blessing. I’m a full time associate pastor at Grace Family church in PSL FL. I read you book “Middle School Ministry” and to say that it was awesome would be the understatement of the decade. We are in the final stages of starting a middle school ministry at our church and your book has been pivotal in the planning of it. In fact I am interested on including some of the information in your book in our teachers’ manual. I was wondering if this is okay with you and Scott Rubin and if so, how do i go about getting written permission to do so. I have purchased and provided your book to my key leaders but would like to quote some of the insightful/practical information for the rest of the team in our manual.
    Thanks again for your great ministry and the work you do.

  7. So I looked into this, and to fly from San Diego to Richmond in one day, you would have to check in for your return flight about 3 minutes after you land!

    Too bad our budget’s already overboard for this year, I echo Adam’s sentiment — I want to hear a good story!

  8. I’m probably too late to the party, but I’d love to fly you out to consult. Email me if you haven’t got it locked down yet.

  9. p.s. one reason it’s so easy for me to go to Nicaragua tomorrow and Spain thereafter is that I know it’ll help me maintain my platinum status in ’10!

  10. i may be late in joining the game too. but it’d be awesome to have you come out here (NJ) . let me know what dates you still have available!

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