a ym3.0 cohort (seismos, parts 1 and 2)

picture-65this makes me almost giddy with excitement: there’s a group of youth workers on a three-day retreat, which they’re calling seimos (“Seismos is a gathering of 17 youth leaders from 4 states & 15 churches representing over 9 different denominations. We’re meeting for three days to dig into what the future of youth ministry might be.”). they’re using youth ministry 3.0 as a guide/prod for discussion and dreaming. really, it would be difficult for me to think of a context in which i’d be more excited for that book to exist (maybe a discussion amongst the leadership of a church).

they’re going to be posting their discussions, which i’ll try to copy or link to here.

here’s post one, with the point of their gathering. a snippet:

We’re using Mark Oestreicher’s Youth Ministry 3.0 as the base for our jumping off point. Marko’s done a great job of creating a very readable and provocative manifesto about where we’ve been in youth ministry and some possibilities about where we could. While we’re all in different places and agree & disagree with different parts of Marko’s ideas, it’s great for starting the conversation and allowing us to figure out how it applies to our context. Over the next several days, I’ll be posting notes from our time as I’m able to and hopefully some reflections as well. Look for the first installment of who’s here to come during lunch time

here’s a second post (on joel daniel harris’s blog), that lists the 17 attendees, some of their book recommendations, and a few other things.

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