adventures in missing the point

ok, so… i had a video up here for a few days that someone sent me. it was a video of a youth worker teaching about cutting. and it made me mad. i posted it because i thought it would be helpful to have discussion around how we use the bible in youth ministry.

but the comments were pretty strong (which i can understand). and the guy in the video, a youth worker named luke, saw the whole thing and was clearly hurt by it. so i’ve removed it. sorry, luke — i’ll be sending you a personal email also.

51 thoughts on “adventures in missing the point”

  1. Jeremy – yes, many people are reading and posting in the US of A. May we not forget that whatever country we’re in, though, that we have some higher guidelines to follow than free speech. That applies online and in person… and while we will occasionally mess up on accident, we don’t need to make a mess on purpose in the name of freedom.

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