13 thoughts on “ah, the narcisism of blogging”

  1. Sonic is an icon here in Texas. My wife and love the Sonic commercials.

    BTW, my mom doesn’t even know what a blog is.

  2. Way to stinkin’ funny. I’m with Jody though…my doesn’t read my blog either. But according to my hit map, people in Canada, England, and Hungary think I’m pretty smooth:).

  3. I told my mom that pictures of my kids were on my blog and she asked me not to expose them to that kind of language.

  4. Once I put on my blog how I wanted this t-shirt (a snakes on a plane t-shirt) and my mom was kind enough to read about my plight and a few weeks later a package arrived in my mail. Too cool.

    And yes, I thanked her profusely.

  5. Do people want their mom’s to read their blog? Then you can’t say anything about them! I mean, you can easily say “a friend of mine” to be generic, but you can’t really say “a person who raised me” without narrowing it down quite a bit…

    I think my grandma is the only person who reads my blog. She can’t figure out how to post a comment, though! Still, not bad for someone almost 90.

  6. for the record, i know that my parents do read my blog. they like having a way to keep up on my life, since we live on opposite ends of the country. however, i don’t think they ever look at the comments — so i could say anything i want about them here! (evil laugh)

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