ah, these november temperatures

i was over 100 degrees yesterday where i live, in beautiful east-county san diego. today is supposed to be 91. by the time the sun was firmly and resolutely gone for the day, the nighttime “chill” of about 75 degrees settled in for the trick-or-treaters. we sat with friends around a portable fire pit in a front yard, while our kids roamed the neighborhood — but the fire was only for affect and a bit o’ light (“ooh, it’s too hot!”). slightly different than my childhood in detroit where you could never see our costumes through our winter coats.

6 thoughts on “ah, these november temperatures”

  1. It was really nice here last night too (Columbus, Ohio)However, today it’s frickin cold and rainy. I’ve got my fireplace on “inside” and not for effect, but to keep warm. Doesn’t suck to be you. Have fun swimming.

  2. Oh, how I miss that San Diego weather! I used to live in Chula Vista.

    Any chance you can send some of that up here to Portland?

  3. Yeah… it rained in West Michigan and was around 50 degrees. Both my kids have colds, I have post-pneumonia, and my wife is pre-illness.

    “100 degrees?” Chump.

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