all hail the peanut

mr peanut.jpgsunday night, when our home church gathered, we were going to celebrate the birthday of one of the women in the group. she sent out an email earlier in the week saying, “it’s my birthday, so i’m declaring an iron chef-like competition. bring any food item that you want, but it has to contain peanuts. we will be voting, and i’ll have a prize.”

it was a riot (and really tempting, even though i couldn’t eat most of it due to my diet). we’d joked that i should make peanut margaritas (which someone else actually did, as a joke — just putting peanuts in margaritas). so i invented a peanut butter martini as a “before dinner drink” (though it was more of a desert drink), using ben & jerry’s peanut butter cup ice cream, blended with vodka, then mixed with a bit of half-and-half in the glass. they were pretty good!

jeannie and i also made a peanut soup as an appetizer. it had all kinds of spices in it (which created a horrible, funny for everyone but me, moment sunday afternoon when i was chopping some “anaheim peppers”, not knowing what they were. they look just like regular old green peppers. so i took a bite. within a few minutes, my lips were on fire. the pain was extreme! apparently i wiped my forehead with the hand i’d been chopping with, also, as my forehead was suddenly on fire. i had to put my head under a running tap of cold water and hold an ice cube on my lips for about a half hour.). the soup was wonderful, and i had some of it for dinner (which is likely part of why i didn’t lose any weight this week).

people brought thai lettuce wraps (with ground peanuts), and a couple preparations of grilled chicken with peanuts. there were some thai noodles with peanuts. and a peanut tort and some gooey-but-yummy (i’m told) peanut brittle. the whole things was a blast, as people had to describe their dishes, and we all had to taste them and score them on taste, creativity and presentation.

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