altered states quiz

ok, i consider myself a bit of an amature geography buff. nothing big-time — but i like maps. so, i was surprised by how poorly i did on this altered states quiz. 10 of the 50 u.s. states are shown, without orientation, and altered in their direction (but otherwise unaltered). i only got 70%, which kinda ticked me off. the ones i got wrong brought a total “duh! of course!” response when revealed.

here’s the quiz.

11 thoughts on “altered states quiz”

  1. Took the quiz and got a 70%…not bad I guess…at least I’m as smart as Marko.

  2. I got a 90%, but I had to think hard about a couple of them. It made my eyes hurt, I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

  3. i got 99%! I guarantee that it was because of this picture book:

    The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Kellar (the states decide to have a party (potluck – georgia brings dessert with peaches of course) and then decide to trade places so they can see a different part of the country…)

    This is one of my 9 year old’s favorite books – when he was 4 he wanted it read to him every night and could quote all the funny jokes by memory. He is now several grade levels ahead with state geography – all because of this funny book!

    Now his 5 year old brother is addicted to the sequel The Scrambled States of America Talent Show.


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